Brake Repair and Replacement

Along with oil change and tire services, we also offer BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen brake service in Lexington, KY. Whether your new or used BMW, Honda, or Volkswagen vehicle needs new brakes or you need a technician to check your brakes, the Don Jacobs Service Department is happy to help our customers.

Before we begin work on your BMW, Honda, or Volkswagen brakes, we will give you estimate of cost and let you know what needs to be done. We will also let you know when you can expect your vehicle to be ready.

You don't have to purchase your vehicle from us in order to get service from our dealerships. If you need brake rotors, calipers, pads, fluid, or just a check-up, please call the Don Jacobs Service Department to set up an appointment.

Don Jacobs Honda - Schedule Service for Honda & Asian Makes

Don Jacobs Volkswagen - Schedule Service for VW & Domestic Makes

Don Jacobs BMW - Schedule Service for BMW & Mini