BMW Innovation

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The BMW Vision M Next

BMW is a company that has always made beautiful vehicles that stop anyone in their tracks. Now, they are taking that up a notch with the exquisitely modern and sleek designs of their autonomous concept cars. The BMW Vision M Next concept car debuted in Munich at their NextGen conference. It is very futuristic looking with matte Cast Silver metallic paintwork and accents of Thrilling Orange to turn heads. A unique feature on this car is the grille. The front grille is closed. It introduces laser wire light technology behind a very thin piece of glass. Another unique feature of this vehicle is that it does not have any side or rearview mirrors. They are replaced by a 360 degree camera that gives the driver better vision than traditional mirrors.

Embracing BMW’s motto of being the ultimate driving machine, the Vision M Next has a total output of 600 horsepower. It has a hybrid system powered by two electric motors so this powerhouse of a car can get up to 63mph in only three seconds! If you are someone who loves the power and thrill of a sports car but you’re also fascinated by the convenience of autonomous cars that’s exactly what the Vision M Next encompasses.

Vision Next 100 Motorrad

BMW didn’t stop with just making concept cars but they introduced their concept bike the Vision Next 100 Motorrad. A motorcycle that anyone would enjoy driving. Its revolutionary technology makes it one of the safest motorcycles ever. The Vision Next 100 Motorrad does not require a kickstand for it remains perfectly balanced. BMW has also made a visor for the driver to wear that will serve as the dash and a heads up display while simultaneously protecting the eyes from wind exposure. The motorcycle is electric and aims to provide a safe yet exhilarating ride. BMW has not revealed when this bike will be available on the market as it could be years before this kind of technology is street legal, but in the meantime we can dream about a world where all motorcycles look like the Vision Next 100 Motorrad.

The future of BMW is something we are all looking forward to. With the advancements in autonomous driving creating safer roads for everyone, BMW continues to innovate and does so in style.

The Future of Volkswagen is Here – Bring on the Bus

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Who would have ever thought the day would come where self driving cars were a reality? Well that day is here and no one is doing it better than Volkswagen. Four electric concept cars have been introduced and they are unlike anything  made before. Although, the most highly anticipated of the four concept cars is the ID. Buzz. Volkswagen is putting a spin on the classic VW bus and brining it back as an electric model.

When production of the beloved bus came to an end back in 2013 consumers were sad to see such an iconic vehicle disappear.  But the resurgence of this vehicle in electric form has VW bus enthusiasts thrilled. Production will begin for the ID. Buzz in 2022 in the United States, China, and Europe.

The electric bus has flawless, innovative features that have received countless awards since it was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017. The bus has a very sleek design and comfortable interior. The seats slide on the floor and fully reverse to make the ID. Buzz as comfortable as ever for easy travel. As well, the center console is a tablet that can be shifted to the front or back of the bus and removed for your convenience. The new and improved electric bus is sure to change the way we drive with  360hp from electric motors on each axel. Don’t worry about the long trips, it can handle that with a 300 mile range from the 111 kWh battery pack.

For such a technologically advanced vehicle, one might think that the ID. Buzz would be unattainable, but Volkswagen has announced that it will be more affordable than other  electric cars currently on the market. The bus is back and better than ever!


Shop day and night at for your next Volkswagen vehicle!


Summer Maintenance Checks

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Summer is in full swing and families are about to start on their summer road trips. If your family was anything like mine, you may make the mistake of not checking your vehicle’s status before you leave. This could result in your family being stranded in the middle of nowhere in 100 degree heat, getting towed to the nearest town and forced to buy a whole new vehicle. Prevent that happening by following the tips below! If anything needs to be replaced or repaired, schedule a service appointment by clicking here. Our automotive technicians will have you squared away in no time.



  1. Check your fluids before you depart
  2. Oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, power steering, transmission, it’s all vital for the well-being of your vehicle. Each have different mileage thresholds for when they need to be checked and replaced. Better be safe than sorry! Check to make sure levels are right and don’t need to be replaced before leaving.

  3. Tire Checks
  4. Ensure that the air pressure in each of your tires is at ideal levels before you leave. Not only will it improve fuel efficiency, but it will also help avoid a flat. Something else to consider is a tire rotation every 5,000-8,000 miles. Your tires wear down in different areas depending on where they’re located. Rotating the tires around ensures even wear and prolongs their life. Additionally, you can always do the Penny Test to make sure your tires are fit to drive in the first place.

  5. General Maintenance
  6. Does your vehicle have a screeching noise as you break? Your brake pads provide the friction used to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Depending on the make, expect to replace them between 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Air filters need to be replaced more frequently, but they’re fairly inexpensive and help the quality of life of your engine and people in it. Lastly, check to make sure all your lights are in working order. Headlights, turn signals, and brake lights all need to be functioning for everyone’s safety and to avoid being pulled over.

The All-New 2019 Volkswagen Arteon

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Sleek. Front to Back.

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is here with it’s all new, yet timeless design. A successor to the Volkswagen CC, the Arteon straddles the line of luxury and affordability, all while packing a punch in performance. With a classic fastback design, the roofline slopes downward and merges seamlessly with the back, conveying style and performance. It’s a piece of modern art that you can really feel.

Turn the sleek lines into wavy ones.

The look may be classic, but it’s far from the only story. The Arteon hosts performance features that help make it as much fun to drive as it is to stare at. The standard 2.0L TSI turbocharged engine kicks out plenty of power. 4Motion all-wheel drive distributes power between the front and rear wheels as needed to help optimize traction and stability. The variable-ratio steering system provides a quick response to driver input at higher speeds. Now the only variable you have to think about is which route you want to take home. The XDS® Cross Differential System uses the breaks to help maintain power to the outside wheel when you to and to improve corning. And then, of course, covered by America’s best Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty.

There’s a lot to stare at inside too.

The 2019 Arteon sports top of the line features and a spacious interior. Ambient lighting, heated seats, a beautiful heads-up display, and collapsible seating to make it bigger on the inside. Not to mention the benefit of a wide view backup camera lens in addition to the array of sensors so you can better view your surroundings. Your safety is first in mind with Adaptive Cruise Control, blind spot monitoring, lane assist, parking assist, and 7 stability-enhancing systems.
Be sure to watch the video below to get a better feel of the Arteon. You can also schedule a reservation to look at it yourself here at Don Jacobs. Just click here to schedule and you’ll be behind the wheel in no time!



Express Your Personality with Accessories!

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Customization at your fingertips

Here at Don Jacobs, we recognize that your new car isn’t just a way to reach Point A to Point B. Your vehicle is an extension of your lifestyle and we can outfit it to reflect that. With genuine Honda, BMW, and Volkswagen accessories, we are using the highest quality accessories in the market, leaving you without any worries. You can see that in our Signature Series Lineup and when we match you with your dream car.

Whether you’re looking for something rugged to go off road, something comfortable and loaded with tech, or anything in-between, allow our team to create your vision. Want the 2019 Honda Accord but don’t want to lose the CD player for your music? We’ve got you covered! Want to add-on a roof rack No problem! We even have roof box rentals so you don’t have to worry about storing one not in use.

Our goal is to provide you with the options to make our inventory your reality. The vehicle you want, and how you want it.


View BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen Accessory Options:


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Your Vacation

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Spring has finally arrived! The Sun has started to break through the dreary winter clouds and we can finally shed our winter coats. You may have even started to plan your upcoming family vacation! But before you hit the road, make sure you are prepared for what life may throw at you so that your time away from home is as relaxing as it can be.

  1. Prepare your home for your absence – Check with your neighbors to see if they can keep an eye on it while you are gone. Make sure electronics are unplugged and to turn off the lights and anything requiring regular care is taken into account.
  2. Notify your financial institutions of the trip – A quick call to your bank or credit card provider to notify them of your trip will prevent being locked out of your account due to “suspicious” activity. It just takes a couple minutes and will save a headache later.
  3. Pack Smart – Keep your luggage to a minimum to allow space for anything you buy along the way. Pack versatile and comfortable clothes just in case a quick change is needed at any point. Additionally, if your journey is made in the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, BMW X7, or the Honda Passport, you should have plenty of extra room for those belongings while also being comfortable. With top of the line technology and safety features, family vacations have never looked so good at a price that cannot be beat.
  4. Travel Insurance – With travel insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that if a setback occurs during the trip that everything will be alright. Between insuring your valuables, repairs, and even having to make the tough decision to head home early, travel insurance will help. It only costs a few dollars a day and is well worth it.
  5. Don’t forget the snacks! – Save time and money by avoiding gas station stops. You can also pack healthier options than just sugary and salty treats.

The best way to enjoy your trip involves having peace of mind and living in the moment. Avoid the headaches, plan ahead, and travel comfortably with your family!

2019 BMW X7 – First Ever

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2019 BMW X7 - Don Jacobs BMW

Available beginning March 1st, 2019

The time has finally come! The all-new 2019 BMW X7 has arrived in Lexington and available for purchase. BMW has developed a new SUV that competes with the Audi Q7, Lexus LX 750 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

Unlike anything else in the BMW SUV lineup, the X7 has new appeal, with the automakers largest grille ever designed. In addition, the large 21-inch standard wheels on both trim levels are definitely eye catching.

Inside, he X7 comes standard with seating for seven across three rows of seating. You also have the option for a six-seater configuration with all-electric Captain’s Chairs. The standard Heated Front Seats can be made even more comfortable with available Ventilated and Massage options. Passengers can also enjoy optional Heated Rear Seats.

All-in-all, the First Ever BMW X7 is the next level of comfort, luxury and performance.

Johnny-Wells- Don Jacobs BMW Sales Manager

Reserve your test drive today by visiting  or reach out personally to our BMW Sales Manager, Johnny Wells at (859) 260-2623 or via email at . Explore more about the 2019 BMW X7.


2019 BMW X7 - 20 inch Wheels 2019 BMW X7 - Rear Don Jacobs BMW

2019 BMW 750i: Explore Innovation and Luxury

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BMW has presented yet another sedan with quality and class. The new BMW 750i M Sport represents a modern take on contemporary luxury. With the technical innovation and high quality details for both passenger and driver, it speaks technical emotion within the cabin and on the road.

On the exterior, the precise lines and sculpturing of the body is captivating. Surging front. Extended side-view. Powerful rear. It’s natural presence is dominating from all angles. Functionally, it has innovation ahead of it’s time. With such features as BMW Gesture Control, BMW Laserlight and BMW Touch Command, the 7 series is setting the bar for future standards of luxury.

Enjoy this video featuring the 2019 BMW 750i M Sport, available at Don Jacobs BMW in Lexington, Kentucky. The ins and outs presented by BMW Sales Consultant, Alex Freeman, will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting to get behind the wheel.

Visit us in store at Don Jacobs BMW. Located at 2689 Nicholasville Road in Lexington, just a mile away from Fayette Mall. Or visit online at

Protect your car in frigid temps.

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Protecting your car in frigid temps from Don Jacobs.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas available at Don Jacobs Volkswagen in Lexington, Kentucky.


Bottom line – it is literally freezing in Central Kentucky! The below freezing temperature we are experiencing are not ideal but also unavoidable. If you have ever wondered how the sub-zero temps affect your car, here are some interesting facts and tips about your car in the frigid temps:

  • “Can my Gasoline freeze?”

Gasoline can freeze at anywhere between -40 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can aid in preventing you gas from freezing by keeping your tank as close to full as possible.


  • “Is my battery frozen?”

Not impossible, but more than likely, it is not. According to our amazing service teams here at Don Jacobs, it is possible that your battery can die due to the cold temperatures if it is already weak.

A 100%, fully charged battery is the best bet. At 100%, it would take a temperature of -76 to freeze it.


  • “My windshield wiper fluid is frozen, now what?”

Your windshield wiper fluid is more than likely a combination of water and methanol. When mixed, it freezes at -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are a few tips to combat frozen wiper fluid: let your car warm up first, park in the sun or in a garage or simply wait for an upcoming warm day. Afterward, add a lower temperature wiper fluid to help dilute the leftover fluid in the system.

Winter Service specials are available now for Volkswagen, BMW and Honda. Click Here to get your Don Jacobs Service Coupon Today!

Back with a Vengeance! – The 2019 BMW M850i Coupe

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The 2019 BMW M850i has brought the 8 Series back to life, last produced over two decades ago!

This vehicle represents the epitome of driver-oriented vehicles. Everything from the stance and styling to the 4.4L twin-turbocharged V6 engine pushing out 523 horsepower has been carefully created with the driver at the lead. What do you think about the M850i as the ultimate driving experience?

0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. This Sunset Orange Metallic car with beauty and excitement has been made with driver in mind! With unmatched style and performance and pure motor sport muscle, you will hear a distinct and unique exhaust notes as the g-force keeps you in your seat!

The M850i has both heritage and innovation to thrill all car enthusiasts’ experiences! Click here for the official BMW Review.


Learn more about this vehicle at–lexington-ky-id-27267288

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